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Emergency Medicine medicine has its own unique set of challenges when it comes to medical coding. Because of the inherent nature of emergency medicine, including the high-volume of patients and fast pace of care, documentation has a greater risk of being incomplete or have discrepancies. Emergency medicine often has the highest number of downcodes. Edelberg offers long-term and short-term coding options for emergency medicine.


We have certified coders who specialize in emergency medicine and our extensive experience within emergency medicine is what sets us apart from our competition. Coupled with our experienced coding staff, we use our proprietary software solution, CLEAR, to improve visibility to all stakeholders, streamline workflows, and provide feedback to physicians / nurses to help them accurately record patient care. Also, in partnership with ScribeAmerica, we have created LiveCode that provides real-time interaction between scribes and coders, allowing for documentation to corrected in real-time. Emergency departments who use scribes can see immediate improvement in the documentation flow and improved revenue by combining the benefit of scribes with software interactions and on-line documentation and coding specialists.