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Missy Stimler Staff Corner- #2 of 4

Where is the coding world headed in the next few years and how will Edelberg be there to help?

o An increase in governmental and private payer audits
o Payers denying or downcoding records due to lack of medical necessity;
o Payers that develop their own rules for Evaluation and Management Level coding for professional or technical coding.

EA has the ability to provide hospitals and physician groups with:

o Audits of coding for most specialties to determine if there are compliance or revenue issues;
o Documentation education for physicians;
o Education for coders;
o A consult that is designed for a specific hospital or group to 1) determine if compliance or revenue issues exist; and 2) a plan to correct issues that exist in coding, documentation
or revenue.

-Missy Stimler CPC, CHC, BSN, RN

Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Issues

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