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Terry Scott Staff Corner- # 1 of 4

Terry, tell us a little bit about  your journey here and your job here at Edelberg!

My name is Terrazenia Scott and I have been a resident in the Sunshine State for the past 38 years.  Before graduating from high school, I already had my eyes set on a career in the medical field.  My mother also worked in the medical field and I thought her job was so awesome- I was going to be like her!

Upon graduating, I attended Florida College of Medical and Dental Careers.  I still hadn’t honed in on exactly “what” in the medical field I wanted to do, so when it was explained that the medical assistants would be practicing injections on each other… my mind was made up; Administrative front-end assistant it is!

Once graduating, I was only 18 years of age and still too young to make my mark on the world.  That is, until Mel Gottlieb took a chance and hired me.  That was the beginning of my long and continuing career in Emergency Medicine Coding [ 30 years and counting].

After 15 years in Emergency Medicine, I branched out to learn other aspects of outpatient coding.  I was introduced to the Department of Defense (DOD) coding guidelines and regulations.  I had the opportunity to code at Naval Air Station Jacksonville and support coding efforts at the satellite bases.  The specialties included Family Practice/PCP, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology as well as Dermatology.

Working so closely with the providers taught me a very valuable lesson in “stroking egos.” I began acknowledging that they are the Masters of their craft and I am there to make sure they stay that way by educating them on the do’s and don’ts with their documentation and circling of the superbills.

I have been in the educator role since 1990 and have been extremely fortunate to have people such as Caral Edelberg, herself who would perform coder in-services at my former company and Dr. John Stimler who brought the graphic reality of how a lot of the procedures were performed in the ED are done.  Both have enriched my knowledge in Emergency Medicine coding and concepts.

I received my Certified Professional Coder certification through AAPC in 1998.

My current role in E+A is Director of Coding Education.  My task is to be innovative with creating and nurturing educational plans for our clients as well as coders.  I also am the voice to alert coders as well as clients of industry changes and provide educational assistance as needed for their providers.  Often, I find that the most effective and lasting education is to just be available for the coder(s) or provider(s) by phone to provide that quick explanation.

-Terry Scott, CPC

Director, Quality Analytics and Education

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