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Terry Scott Staff Corner- # 2 of 4

How Does EA Education Program Work and How Does it Help Our Clients?

Edelberg and Associates utilizes web based portal to educate both coders and providers.
When training Coders, after the candidate has been screened and has been recommended for a coding project, I would place them through an orientation program. Because all our coders come to us with nationally recognized certifications and years of experience, we found that we could use this platform to:
• (1) bring consistency amongst our remote coders; making sure they understand the vision and mission statement Caral Edelberg has for E+A
• (2) provide education on coding topics that are often considered “grey areas of coding” or that are often coded incorrectly
• (3) based on quality assurance feedback, the education portal is also used for remedial training
• (4) cross train coders on different specialties.

The education portal is utilized to help our clients by providing refresher training to those individuals who are experiencing a spike or an upward trend in their down coded records, thus, resulting in decreased revenue.

The specific need for education is based from the dashboard reports that are generated in CLEAR. The down code report will let us know where the documentation deficiency is and the suspend report also provides valuable education opportunities by indicating additional areas that are deficient, such as missing/ incomplete procedure notes, attestation documentation missing, moderate sedation intra-service time missing and critical care time/criterion missing to name a few.

The education portal allows for enrollment by coders and providers via the web. Each training course is assigned a specific “key”. Once the coder or provider registers, they will be taken directly to the training designed specifically for them.

I can also manually create a profile for the coders and load the specific courses they will need to take as a part of their orientation training.

The actual education consists of a video presentation covering a topic such as infusions/injections, laceration repairs, MIPS, Moderate Sedation, etc. Once the video is reviewed, the portal will direct the coder/provider to a retention exercise to monitor their competency on the material that was just taught. The system will grade the exercise and email if they passed or failed on that attempt directly to them.

The portal also has the capability of emailing results to supervisors of coders or medical directors for the providers. Depending on the request, clients/supervisors may receive summary reports from the education portal that will outline who, when, time spent, pass/fail or incomplete status for everyone.

We are also in the process of obtaining continuing credits from AAPC for the courses education portal.

-Terry Scott, CPC

Director, Quality Analytics and Education

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