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Terry Scott Staff Corner- # 3 of 4

How does education impact the success of EA in relation to our clients, coders and providers?

In keeping with E+A’s mission, which is to help healthcare organizations balance the ever-present competing forces and pressures to deliver to financial targets while also maintaining adherence to properly accepted compliance and risk standards in the revenue cycle.

I firmly believe that educational feedback to clients, coders as well as providers is fundamental.

We conduct regularly scheduled status calls with our clients, at which time any educational needs or requests are addressed. Often, the clients may request education on a particular topic or refresher training for their providers. This is largely based on the customer reports generated from our CLEAR coding platform and feedback we share on a routine basis.

Providing in-depth understanding to providers in key documentation areas, such as Critical Care, MIPS/MACRA, Medical Necessity, helps them to be successful, which in turn has a positive fiscal impact for the client. When our clients are successful, that reflects on the efficacy of our communication and education program. Providing access to our education portal has been key to meeting our client’s needs. We provide a variety of media to ensure the right format for the education which meets everyone’s needs. We tie our education back to the reports which gives our clients and our education team the necessary information to ensure the program is working as planned.

Investing in the education of our coders is a win-win situation. Not only are we molding the minds of the coders to approach their work in an ethical, dependable and confident manner, which will serve them well for the length of their careers, we are also assuring that their performance will positively reflect on E+A and our clients.

The coders have an open line to me and can always contact me with questions or clarifications. I say often that “I am blessed to be a blessing”. In short, that means that whatever they can glean from my 30-year coding background, I will share. Sometimes the coders questions help me create the next education module. I look at the ultimate goal being to catapult the careers of others so they may achieve excellence.

-Terry Scott, CPC
Director, Quality Analytics and Education

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