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Terry Scott Staff Corner- #4 of 4

What are your short-term educational goals for the clients as well as coders?

Educating remotely to a host of coders residing in different time zones and different work schedules is a big challenge. Likewise, when trying to schedule times with providers for educational feedback and refresher training has proven to be a challenge as well.

The on-line training is self-paced and provides flexibility to meet provider’s tight schedules as well as coder availability. The overall goal is to have the training easily assessable to providers, given their busy clinical schedules as well as coders whose schedules may not line up with typical business hours of operation.

Working closely with QA and the Coding Manager to understand where the coder’s needs are will provide the necessary elements for making the training more robust, creating remedial training courses and extending the educational tools.
My immediate goals for the education program is to make sure the knowledge of our staff align with the vision and mission statement of E+A. We have an orientation program that coders complete upon joining our team. The coders are assessed on each of the concepts and upon successful completion of the orientation, I schedule a meeting with the coders to talk through any additional questions they may have.

I also created Coding Tools for the coders which includes various job-aids for both professional and technical coders, such as Addendum B, CCI Edits, Procedure Flash Cards and so much more.

E+A provides Multi-Specialty coding services in a wide variety of specialties as well as Emergency Department coding services, my goal is to include orientation and specialty specific job-aids and other educational materials for all of our coders across all service lines.

-Terry Scott, CPC
Director, Quality Analytics and Education

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