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Tracy Goglio Staff Corner- #2 of 4

Tracy, in your experience, what advice do you have for remote coders?

A big part of your job as a remote coder is communication. If you have an appointment, need to change your schedule or cannot work, alert your manager immediately, so they can prepare to cover the volume. If you give a coding commitment, you must complete those charts, even for weekend coding. Clients watch volume, and we have to speak to any lack of production. Also, be prepared to answer any emails during your shift within a couple hours – you must be immediately available, just like in the physician’s office. Show initiative to coding quality and willingness to accept constructive feedback and work additional hours in out of ordinary circumstances. Your coding is a reflection of the company to the client. With structure and discipline, coding remotely has many perks and can be very rewarding!

Tracy Goglio
ED Coding Manager

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