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Why choose Edelberg & Associates?

In addition to being medical coding experts since 1972, Edelberg & Associates has some key differentiators that separate us from the competition.


Big Enough to Deliver Expert Results, Small Enough to Care

We have purposefully managed our growth carefully with a key tenant being to never lose the personal attention we take with each client. In many larger service provider organizations, the executive management is involved during the sales cycle and implementation and then often times never heard from again. With Edelberg & Associates, the executive stakeholders take a personal interest in the success of the initiative and stay involved throughout the lifecycle of the engagement, including on-site visits, quarterly business reviews and stakeholder one-on-ones.


Laser Focused on Medical Coding & Compliance

In a highly competitive services marketplace like healthcare, the natural tendency of service providers is to expand their scope of offerings to include a wide variety of services that clients may express interest in. Although this may be a path to increased revenue it is typically not a path to consistent and impactful results. Edelberg & Associates has always stayed focused on remaining true experts in medical coding and compliance issues. By remaining focused, Edelberg & Associates is able to ensure we deliver measurable gains in medical coding and compliance helping deliver on our mantra of “reduce risk & increase value” for healthcare organizations.


Real-time monitoring and Data Centered Feedback Loop

Our focus on quantitative measurement of the efficacy of the coding function allows Edelberg & Associates to implement a true feedback loop for the organizations we serve. By utilizing our in-house & proprietary coding workflow application called CLEAR (Coding Lifecycle, Evaluation, and Audit Response), we are able to deliver immediate insights into areas of improvement for the organizations we serve. Administrators and providers are able to benefit from real-time visibility into corrective actions that are taken and results that are achieved. This type of real-time feedback allows all stakeholders to become active and eager participants in change initiatives.


All-in-One Pricing

Unlike many of our competitors, Edelberg & Associates delivers a pricing model per medical encounter coded that includes elements of technology integration, business intelligence & reporting access, consulting, provider education initiatives and implementation. This pricing model takes away the surprises and guesswork for our clients and allows everyone to focus on driving real results and less time figuring out complex pricing models.