What medical specialties does E+A services cover?

E+A has clients across all medical specialties. Our services extend to both providers and facilities.

What size clients can E+A handle?

E+A has clients of all sizes. From a single provider practice to a multiple physician group or single facilities, small critical access hospitals and large health systems, E+A services are fit to you.

Where are E+A employees located?

E+A is a virtual company that has coders, auditors, client managers, directors, and executives scattered across the entire country. You dont have to come to us, we bring our company to you.

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Where are E+A coders and auditors located?

E+A has coders and auditors scattered throughout the United States and internationally. The geographic location of employees that will be dedicated to each client is completely up to the client. E+A has chosen this model in order to be flexible with any clients needs. Whether on-shore, off-shore or blended, Edelbergs coders are trained, audited and managed by our experts who reside in the United States. Our coders are partners in our coding service.

What is E+A coding accuracy and turnaround time?

E+A requires all coders and auditors to maintain an overall accuracy of 95% or higher. Our standard turnaround time is 48 hours, but we strive to turnaround coding faster if possible.

What certifications do E+A coders and auditors hold?

E+A requires all coders and auditors to hold a coding certification from either AAPC or AHIMA. The majority of our staff do hold multiple certifications with both organizations.

How does E+A coding and auditing software interface with the client?

E+A proprietary platform C.A.R.E. (Code Audit Report Educate), delivers seamless integration with unparalleled security utilizing HL7, XML, flat-file and can be customized to rapidly adjust to specific client needs.

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