Web-Based Medical Coding Technology

Licensing of Proprietary Platform, C.A.R.E. (Code Audit Report Educate)

A Data-Driven Approach to Coding Management

Our C.A.R.E. proprietary web-based platform gives you effortless access to coding assignments, coder queue management, real-time reports and information to help you track the status of your coding process. No more wasted time learning how to navigate dated, inefficient technology or spending hours trying to analyze team performance. C.A.R.E. handles all of the difficult work, equipping you and your team with the tools you need for coding and provider revenue cycle success.

Use Of C.A.R.E. Coding Platform

  • Single-source system for code assignment and review
  • Quality assurance and audit module with sampling and rule logic
  • AWS Cloud infrastructure, auto failover, 24/7 third party security monitoring.
  • Integrated queue logic for dynamic coder management
  • Regular penetration testing to protect application environment and prevent attack
  • Customer accessible ticketing system for inquiry on patient encounters
  • Suspend management workflow collaboration module
  • Scheduled reports and real-time dashboard data analytics
  • Coder event and productivity tracker
  • Secure interface capability (HL7, XML, custom)
  • Unique modules available to help clients extend services and to help clients do more with data and information to present real time interaction, compliance and benchmarking and clear coordination.

Real-Time Reporting Includes:

    Downcode Reports
  • Edelberg and Associates utilizes data captured to report total coding-related documentation deficiencies for each provider, to estimate financial losses from these “downcodes” and to identify areas of education opportunities.
  • Suspends are reported daily through our dashboards and are available directly to providers to speed up the process of chart completion.
  • The Acuity Level Report provides utilization percentage for each Evaluation and Management service code for all providers including emergency medicine nursing/facility levels.
  • Physician Reporting – Average RVU by Provider and Type. This report provides work RVU value on a monthly and/or year-to-date basis by provider/provider type.
  • The Productivity Dashboard Report compares average Evaluation and Management RVUs to Procedure RVUs and the total RVUs by month, provider, site and client.
  • Volume reports help your practice manage and reconcile patient visits at a time frame you select.
    Financial Data
  • Financial reporting comes together to reflect opportunities and average patient charge for all practices and facilities.
    Risk Data
  • As an E+A coding and/or compliance client, our team monitors your revenue and compliance environment for adherence to industry rules and regulations.
    Average Patient Charge
  • The Average Patient Charge (APC) report can be produced by provider type, site, system and across time periods to provide a quick reference into variance from historical averages or budgeted targets.


At the heart of our medical coding operational activity is the use of our in-house, custom designed and proprietary web-based software platform built within the AWS Cloud where all data is secured through this enterprise level and HIPPA compliant platform. The C.A.R.E. platform allows each medical coder an efficient, secure, streamlined platform to perform their coding, QA reviews and offers deep dive reporting and feedback into your coding operations.


Edelberg + Associates’ proprietary platform delivers seamless integration with unparalleled security. We can import charts directly into the E+A coding platform or code directly within your existing system. We will export your coded data via HL7 or a custom interface into your billing system.

Use Of C.A.R.E. Auditing Platform

  • Load date from any source
  • Audit in our industry leading coding platform
  • Application stability with foundation built in AWS Cloud
  • Full-service auditing option
  • Interactive versions of industry standard tools
  • Marshfield
  • ACEP
  • Plus load any client specific tools needed
  • User metrics tracked during tool use
  • Tool results stored for later analytics, review and education
  • Integrated document editor allows simple and seamless summary creation
  • Audit data is automatically complied and updated within the editor
  • Share summary reports securely with an interactive web version
  • Track engagement with reports via the dashboard
  • Make reports and data available via web to download and print out
  • Restrict and track sharing with whitelists and authenticated viewership
  • Complete data security/privacy with integrated AWS cloud authentication tools
  • Track progress on audits in real-time
  • Analyze the data as the audit proceeds
  • Customizable charts and graphs of all audit data
  • Simple metrics and deep dive data for audit managers
  • Review all data on encounters as they are worked
  • Manage the process completely within the dashboard

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